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Porn For Women Network is here to help you find the best feminist, ethical and female-friendly porn out there. It’s time to stop settling for average, unappealing, male-gaze mainstream porn. Check out the free porn made for women, by women.


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Straight porn for women category - a woman clutches a near-naked man

Straight porn for women, featuring heterosexual couples. Men and women getting it on. Straight porn for a female gaze.

Queer porn category - two queer people kiss outside

Queer porn. Here you’ll find porn films made by queer-identified performers or filmmakers, featuring diverse sexualities and genders

Sex education category - woman uses vibrator to point at uterus diagram
Sex Education

Sex Education porn. These films exist to educate about sex, sexuality, gender and sex techniques.

Threesome category - a woman kisses one man while another is fucking her from behind

Threesome and group sex scenes. If you’re after porn with multiple partners, in combinations of genders and orientations, it’s here

Cunnilingus category - man's tongue on woman's clit

Porn featuring pussy licking / clit licking, primarily with straight performers. Because we need more male-on-female cunnilingus porn!

Solo Masturbation

Solo masturbation videos. If you like watching people get off, you’ll find a bunch of great solo sex videos here.

Porn made by women category - a female performer takes a photo of herself
Porn Made By Women

Porn made by women. A selection of videos made by female directors and female performers. This is porn from a female perspective.

BDSM category - a man is blindfolded and gagged, touched by a woman
BDSM and Kink

Porn featuring BDSM – bondage, discipline, kinky sex, spanking, edging, dominance and submission. If you want kink it’s here.

Check out all the categories here. Or try searching for a specific tag.


  • All About Feminist Porn
    All About Feminist Porn

    Feminist porn can be seen as an ideology, a method and a genre. It’s about consent, inclusiveness, equality and the female gaze. Read More

  • But What Is “Porn For Women”?
    But What Is “Porn For Women”?

    Why is the phrase “porn for women” still relevant? A look at the definitions and issues with using the term, along with why it’s still useful. Read More

  • Female Gaze Porn
    Female Gaze Porn

    Female gaze porn offers a different perspective, one that gives priority to women and reflects their experiences of sex and sexuality. Read More

  • The Best Porn For Women Sites
    The Best Porn For Women Sites

    A list of the best porn for women sites. Recommended places to find straight and queer perspectives, porn made by women and feminist and ethical pornography Read More

Erotica For Women
Erotica for women is adult content made with women in mind, it can be video, audio erotica or erotic fiction. It’s ethical or feminist porn…
Audio Erotica
Sometimes, a porn video isn’t what you need. This is where audio erotica comes in. Erotic fiction read aloud is hot…
Yes, Ethical Porn Exists
Ethical porn does exist. It can be defined by how it’s made, what it depicts and the ideology of the ethical porn producers…
Porn For Women Pioneers
In the 1980s female directors began to make their own erotic films. These porn for women pioneers were trailblazers who changed porn for the better and meant…
Female Porn Directors
Female porn directors bring their own perspective to adult content, often making female gaze porn. Here’s a list of recommended female directors of porn…

Erotic Short Films

Bodies Of Desire
A stunning short film, Bodies of Desire, examines sensuality from the perspective of queer South…
A bored woman at a fashionable bar sees a kinky couple arrive, one of whom is wearing handcuffs. She…
Masculine Shadows
A man strips naked and masturbates. Masculine shadows writhe against a screen. Sensuality mixes with…
Gratified, Grateful
What happens when we feel gratitude for our bodies? What if we bring a feeling of gratitude into our…
Les Fleurs
But what if female body hair were glorified, not scorned? And what if somebody used CGI to celebrate…
Love Me
This erotic short film features clips of couples sharing moments of intimacy. It aims to celebrate…
Library Hours
When Camille’s husband dies, she finds herself drawn to Delphine, his first wife. They develop a…
Folsom Street
This kink and fetish-fueled gorgeous short film creates the LGBTIQ musical number of a lifetime by…
Welcome To Porn For Women Network

This site is dedicated to offering porn for women – that means smart, inclusive, feminist, ethical porn that caters to women. But this site is really for everyone who wants a different and better kind of porn. If you want to see erotic content that is sex positive, it’s here.
This site, Porn for Women Network, has been online since 2001, catering to thousands of women who were keen to find porn that suited them. At the beginning, the focus was fairly narrow and assumed the audience was straight women. Now the site has broadened in scope, just as the audience for good quality porn has grown.
We’re still using the term “porn for women” because that’s our domain name and it’s something that people still search for. But we’re keen to help you find the porn that will suit your desires, no matter who you are or how you identify.

Porn for women - a blond woman in lingerie sits astride a handsome man
Shadows, sexy naked people embrace

If you’re looking for ethical porn videos or feminist porn videos, you’ll find heaps of them here. These videos feature all sorts of erotic scenarios including what people traditionally think of as “porn for women” – that means respectful, well-shot, sometimes “soft” sex scenes. But we know that women like all kinds of porn and that includes BDSM and kink, hardcore down-and-dirty porn, POV stuff, queer, gay, lesbian and trans porn and many other types of erotica. The point isn’t about narrowing down what’s on offer. The main aim in creating an erotica for women site is to create a space where women aren’t insulted or denigrated, where sex is seen as an equally pleasurable activity, where slut-shaming doesn’t occur and where women’s perspectives, desires and pleasure are given priority.

This site is here to guide you to good quality porn for women. We’re talking porno that has female orgasms and actual respect for the performers. The porn films might have , foreplay, sensual buildups, dirty talk and afterglow. They might be simple videos of people fucking each other like they’re enjoying it. Yes, who’da thought you’d need to specify that? There’s real life couples and queer couples and straight couples and happy people having sex. No sexist descriptions, no offensive ads, no inane pretend “step” porn. Just really hot porn for women. Useful guides to great erotica and porn made by women and female directors. Have a look around, read our articles and check out the many hot vids on offer.

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