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Porn for Women Network is an online list of quality women's erotica. It offers links and sample movies and photos featuring naked men, hetero couples, queer porn and erotic fiction. It is here to help women find the porn that will best suit them.

Right now there are an awful lot of women out there who are trying to find sexually explicit material designed for them, but often this can be a difficult task. So much porn today is made for men, with female fantasy and desire almost ignored.

Porn made specifically for women is about balancing the equation, about helping women to be sexually satisfied by reflecting their needs and wants. It's pro-sex, and pro-woman. It's not degrading or immoral as some anti-porn feminists would have you believe. Rather, it's about saying that women are sexual beings, who CAN be visually stimulated, who are entitled to seek pleasure in their lives.

The Porn for Women Network is dedicated mainly to helping hetero women navigate the maze of porn sites so they can find exactly what they are looking for - be it nude men, erotic fiction or hardcore porn that focus on a woman's pleasure. This site mainly focuses on straight content although it also includes some queer, lesbian and gay porn, because women's tastes are incredibly diverse. Porn for Women Network aims to reflect that.

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For too long it's been assumed that "women don't like porn". We know that that is rubbish! Women are sexual beings who enjoy erotica as much as men. We want to be thrilled, aroused, pleasured. The Porn for Women Network knows that women love sex, in all its forms. Whether it be sensual couples photos, hardcore sex videos for women, hot naked straight men, gay porn, queern porn, big dicks, advice on sexuality, sex toys, health products, women's erotica ebooks or even someone to talk to, we know what you want. And we want to help you find it.

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