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Here at Porn for Women, we know that women love sex, in all its forms. Whether it be romance, hardcore, kink, fetish, queer or just hot naked men, you'll find what you're looking for on this site.

The belief that "women don't like porn" is slowly fading. Today, the adult industry is increasingly catering to women and their tastes. Whether it be a touch of romance, down and dirty hardcore, a focus on female pleasure, or the pure joy that is the male centrefold, women's porn online has blossomed. At Porn for Women you'll find plenty to keep you happy. I hope you enjoy yourself! - Ms. Naughty, webmistress

I keep a regularly updated blog about women's erotica and porn in general at Ms Naughty Porn For Women Blog. Please visit!

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A listing of quality female friendly sites

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Hot sample porn videos for women

Check out our collection of sexy videos from some of the web's top female-friendly sites as well as scenes from some of the top-selling women's videos.

Sample what's out there to see what you like.

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Enjoy some quality eye candy with these free photo galleries from major sites.

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Recommended Movie

Cabaret Desire

Life Love Lust Winner of Movie of the Year at the 2012 Feminist Porn Awards, Erika Lust's sumptuous film shows just how smart and sexy erotic cinema can be.

Find out more about this film and my other favourite porn movies on the adult videos page.

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Get your vibe on

Layaspot Adult products have grown up in the last few years and now there's a wonderful variety of top quality vibrators and sex toys for women. We list the best ones.

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Steamy reading

Check out our collection of top quality written erotica - hardcopy, e-books and quality websites.

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